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In compliance with Section R309.105.12 of the Utah Public Drinking Water Rules and the International Plumbing Code as adopted by the State of Utah, Highlands Water Company has adopted a Cross Connection Control Policy that all customers should be made aware of and follow.  Please take time to become informed about your responsibilities as a customer of HWC.  This is a serious issue and requires us to work together to protect our water supply.   (Click this icon          for a link to the HWC Cross Connection Control Policy) If you have questions or concerns, please call Nate Hadley @ 801-458-0175

The 2022 Annual Water Quality Report is available. It will not be mailed out this year. You may view it under the Reports tab on this website or at the office.  

One of our 8 springs has been determined to be under the influence of surface water which increases the chance that it could become contaminated.  However, this spring has not been in use by our system for over 2 years, so there is no specific concern to our customers.  We are required to make you aware that this has happened, and that we are taking steps to either rectify the problem or permanently remove that spring.  Please click on the documents to the right to read more.  

ALERT!  After approximately 12 years, HWC is beginning the process of applying for a rate increase.  This will take some time, but we want our customers to be aware it is coming.  In the past 12 years costs and regulations have increased substantially making it necessary for us to take this step

Our Springs have been keeping up amazingly well during this drought year. The new Highlands Well #1 is a blessing, providing back up occasionally as needed. We are happy to report that we continue to have no watering restrictions. 


HWC continues to make improvements to the system. This summer we have added a chlorinator at the well. Our well produces high quality water with no bacteriological issues but because we chlorinate the water coming from the springs and at some point the spring water and well water mix, the chlorine residual would dilute at the point of mixing. Adding chlorine at the well ensures a chlorine residual throughout the system.


Booster Pump

We are making good progress toward completing a booster pump that will push water from the well up to the storage tanks allowing well water to be used in the entire distribution system. 

Update!  The Booster Pump is completed and we have a permanent operating permit.  We will  be able to start pumping when needed. 

New Pipeline

A new pipeline is being constructed that will allow us to get more water from the well to the booster pump. 

Update!  The pipeline is complete!


We have put a larger pump in our well.  This will allow us to pump additional water if needed.  We have also added a generator so that in case of a power outage, the scada system would continue to work.  

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