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Rules and Regulations

1.  Connection:   No unauthorized person will tap any water main or distribution pipe of the Company or insert therein, any corporation cock, stopcock, or any other fixture or appliance; or alter or disturb any service pipe, corporation stop, curb stop, gate valve, hydrant, water meter or any other part of the waterworks system or attachment thereto. No person/persons shall, without first obtaining a permit from the company, connect or disconnect any service pipe to or from the mains or distribution pipes of said waterworks system nor to or from any other service pipe now or hereafter connected with said system; nor make any repairs to, additions to, additions to, or alterations of any such service pipe.


2.    Application permit. A permit shall be obtained from the Company before any service connection can be made to any part of the waterworks system whether it is old or new construction. Such permit shall be issued upon written application on forms obtained from the company. A permit fee may or may not be required.

Applicants will furnish and install all material to be used in said connection that is not furnished by the company at their own expense. This installation will require an on sight inspection to insure quality of work and material, by a representative of the company qualified to do so.  A 24 hour notice will be required for application and inspection.


  1. Metering of Service. All water delivered by the company to its customers shall be metered through approved water meters. This includes fire hydrants and service connections. Meters may be checked, inspected, or adjusted at the discretion of the Company, and shall not be tampered with or adjusted except by authorized representatives of the company. Only authorized persons of the Company shall open meter boxes for the purpose of turning on or off the meter except in the case of an emergency or special permission given by the company. Any service connection/meter connection found to have been tampered with, meter removed, and a jumper installed, with the purpose of obtaining water will be subject to fines, penalties or loss of the service.

  2. Meter Adjustment: If a meter fails to register at any time, the water delivered during this period will be billed at the rate of the previous months and years average or present minimum rate. In the event a meter is found to be recording at less than 97% or more than 103% of previous readings, the company may make adjustments in future billing periods based upon previous bills to be fair under all circumstances.

  3. Services Connections: Any party desiring a service connection from the company shall make application in writing. After approval and fees paid as shown in the rates and tariffs, the meter will be located in a non-traffic area that is accessible during all months of the year and free from any obstructions such as landscaping, cars, trash, rocks, dirt, or buildings. This will include the meter setter, the meter, the box, the cover and lid.  Any material furnished shall remain the property of the company thereof. From mainline to property line.

  4.  Service Line: All service line materials, excavation and installation shall be provided and completed by the applicant or party thereof, from the mainline to the property line and meter box. The applicant shall provide a corporation stops valve on each service line prior to the meter valve. Installation shall be inspection and approved by the company before the line and trench will be backfilled.

  5. Multi unit Service Line: Dwellings with multi unit occupants may or may not have a separate meter for each unit. However each unit will pay a separate development fee. Also a separate monthly billing to each unit will be charged.

  6. Water Use Restriction: The owner or occupant of any building or premises entitled to the use of water from the company shall not supply water to any other building, premises, or outside enterprise’s without written permission from the Company.

  7. Service Turn-on / Turn-off: Only authorized personal of the Company shall turn on or off water at the meter box except in case of an emergency or when special permission is granted by the Company. The Company will turn off service when requested by the applicant or when the applicant fails to comply with the rules/regulations. If the water is turned off it will only be turned on when the bill and charges are current and paid in full.

  8.  Disruption Liability: The company shall use reasonable diligence to provide continuous water service to its customers that meets the State and Federal guidelines. However the company shall not be held liable for damage to any water user by reason of any stoppage or interruption of said water supply caused from scarcity; accidents from works; construction, main alteration, acts of God, or any other unavoidable causes.

  9. Damage to Facilities: Costs of any damage resulting from the failure of the owner, agent, or tenant to properly protect the water meter or service line to their own house or building, or facilities of the Company installed upon the premises supplied with water, including but not limited to vandals, fire, freezing or construction work shall be assessed against such owner, agent or tenant. Water consumers shall not tamper with or remove the meter, or interfere with the reading thereof.

  10.  Reading of Meters: The company shall read all meters in the spring as early possible, and in the fall as late as practicable, and monthly or BI-monthly in between. The monthly or BI-monthly charges between fall and spring will be charged at the monthly minimum and overage charges will be billed on the first reading bill in the spring.

  11. Billing and Payments: Bills covering charges shall be rendered bi-monthly/monthly and shall be due fifteen (15) days after being rendered. If any customer neglects or refuses to pay the water service bill or any other said bill or any other obligation due the company within thirty (30) days from the date of said bill, the Company employees shall have the right to access the premises and do such work to disconnect water service. Before any service is reconnected all delinquent bill/bills shall be paid in full, or arrangements made with the company to satisfy any UNpaid bills. A disconnect and reconnect fee will be charged.

  12. Discontinuance of Service: Any customer wishing to have the service discontinued shall notify the company so that the meter can be read for a final billing. Such final bill shall be due and payable upon receipt.

  13. Regulated Usage: Whenever the Company shall determine that the amount of water available to its distribution system has diminished to such a volume that the public health is at risk, or in such times as emergency occur it may be necessary to impose a restriction program. Such rules and regulations may include, but shall not be limited to, the restriction to certain hours and (total prohibition) of outdoor watering.

  14. Changes and Amendments: The right is reserved to amend or add to these Rules and Regulations as experience or regulations may show it to be necessary and such amendments or additions will be approved by the board of directors of the Company and/or the public service Commission of Utah.

  15. Credit Deposit: The Company shall at its option, and in lieu of established credit, require a deposit from the customer to assure payment of bills; such deposits shall be equal to one billing period. The deposit after 6 months may be refunded or credited to said bill 


Facility and Line Extension Policy


     Definition:  An extension or upgrade is any continuation of, or branch from the nearest or most applicable utility line or facility owned or maintained by the Company, including any increase of capacity of an existing line, tank, spring, well, pump, or booster pump, to meet the customer’s or developer’s requirements. 


  1. Costs: The total cost of the extension, includes but not limited to engineering, labor, and materials, shall be paid by the applicants. When more than one applicant is involved in the extension, it may or may not be prorated on the bases of property frontage distances involved or upon such other basis as may be mutually agreed on by applicants or the Company.

  2. Construction Standards: The extension shall meet all the company requirements as well of the state division of drinking water and county codes. Capacity sizes shall be in accordance with state codes and a minimum of 8” in diameter as per company standards also the company may require a certain type of material and will be installed in dedicated streets roads or recorded easements.

  3. Water storage and Supply: All costs related to increased storage and or the developer or such that impact the present development will pay supply costs. These costs shall include the installation and tanks, wells, pumps, to maintain pressures and supply that will regulate the system to a minimum flow pressure of 40 psi. throughout the system  

  4. Ownership: Completed facilities shall be owned, operated and maintained by the Company including and through the meters, as detailed in the tariffs Rules and Regulations.

  5. Temporary Services: The customer will pay total costs of the installation and or removal of any extension to any venture of any temporary or speculative nature. Such costs will be estimated and paid before any work begins on extension or removal of said service.

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